Especially for a cruising WE.  Technically this should have happened a month ago, but when we picked up the bike, the clutch cable had snapped and we had to cancel. This time, the clutch is fixed, the sun is shining, and so are the chromes.  Harley Davidson Heritage Softail. 350 kilos of classic Harley., Read More

April 24th Cold cold night, and around 5AM I think I heard camels around the tent. I love the outback, nothing but the sound of wildlife and the empty spaces around you. From the Gary Junction Road we enter the Sandy Blight Junction Road, which starts from Walungurru (aka Kintore) to Kaltukatjara (aka Docker, Read More

April 22nd It rained most of the night, which means Tanami got his shower. He now looks more like the teddy-bear that it is, than a sorry ball of dirty rag when we picked him up. His designated seat will be between the headlights, on the roofrack. This should keep him away from most, Read More

April 18th. Bad night at Halls Creek Motel, the bed is way too soft. oh well, at least the shower works. First stop today : Halls Creek Hospital. Nothing serious but Claire has had an ear infection for a while, it’s been treated in New Cal but it’s still sore. I convinced her to, Read More

April 17th Well because this was to be our last river for a very long time, we decided to hang around a bit. Shaving, cleaning up, enjoying the cool water and the hot sun for hours, we only left Saw Pitt after lunch, meaning this would be way too late to start the Tanami, Read More

April 16th After we pack up, we headed off to the last spot on the camp, Picaninny Creek. We must be the only two in the whole park, it’s just perfect. The walk takes us through the actual Bungles, which are massive domes about 200m tall and as wide as a skyscraper. At the, Read More

April 14th Sunrise is just as great on these cliffs, and pretty soon the few people who shared our campsite leave for their own journey, and leave us all alone. Great, we can test our shower then! Well it’s not bad; it works quite well to be honest. Thanks Jeff. At Halls Creek, fuel, Read More

April 12th One last look at the beach and we’re heading back to Broome. By now Claire is familiar with all the car storage system, fridge, etc. She knows inside out where everything is stored, even came up with cool ideas to improve our lives. And she’s a lot more relax when I fly, Read More

April 10th. 6AM, a quick shower and we’re back at Gantheaume Point to try finding some dinosaur tracks which can only seen at low tide. Within 20minutes, it would have made an interesting photo : twenty or so tourists walking around at low tide on slippery rocks, looking for things on the ground… After, Read More

Je ferai une part de bitume mais une part de sable aussi, histoire d’aller m’enfoncer bien loin chez les Abos (ceux qui ont lu dans cette phrase autre chose sont ignobles ) Donc, depuis la “Great Northern Highway”, a peu pres entre rien et que dalle, tourner a droite sur la “Tanami Road” (, Read More