SCS 4WD. Without whom none of this would have been possible.

Alex, Zara and Linde travelled with me on Sumatra to Malaysia. Support their cause for WFA.

Anthony and Isabelle. (In French) A Belgian couple I met in Western Australia, and again on Jawa in Ijen.

Merlin. (In German) A German punk I met in Dili, and hopefully again in Myanmar.

Khan Wilson. (In English) Khan is a talented painter, and the husband of my best friend’s sister. We met in Ubud, Indonesia.

Banik (In French). Baptiste and Annik have been sailing the world for years, their blog/site is a reference in the yachting community. We met in Noumea.

Horizons Unlimited. Horizons Unlimited is THE source of information for all you overlanders out there.

True Biker Spirit. Photos, bikes, stories, and dreams. Two of my close friends from Belgium who will join me on my adventure in 2013.

Share My Oysters. David is riding his BMW from Perth to London. We met in WA first then hopefully again on the road as he’s not far behind me. [UPDATE : Dave had to cancel his overlanding trip for medical reasons. He’ll be back.]

Dominique and Malou are sailing their catamaran around the world. We met in Kupang, Indonesia.

Mike and Sheila are traveling from the UK to Sydney without leaving the ground, no flying allowed. We met in Kupang, Indonesa.

Sasha and Kerstin are going around the world on a splendid Africa Twin. We met in Flores, Indonesia.

Martin, his sister and his parents are overlanding from France, with a humongous truck. They’re all about the nature and what it can provide for us. We met in Vientiane, Laos.

Fabia and Dino are overlanding from Swizerland to … well they haven’t decided yet. We met in Phonsavan, Laos.

Food ‘n Stuff a site I try to keep updated with our latest adventures in the kitchen.