They’ve been coming more and more often, and they are more and more brutal each time. On average, I’d say once a week, sometimes less, often more. These migraines are just debilitating. We haven’t yet figured what caused them, I know for a fact if I slouch for too long on the sofa, it’s, Read More

So last night I went through an interesting phase. I was blind. Not completely blind, but almost. I could make out shapes, and colours but everything was blurred. Like seeing through a dirty glass bottle. I probably shouldn’t have used these drops, but they were my last resort as my migraine, once again, was, Read More

June 15th. I promised myself I’d write one last post, reflecting the past five months in Australia, but there’s so much to take in here that I’ll delay that last post. We flew in from Darwin this morning at 6:30AM and our small jet landed about 90min later in Dili International Airport. From the, Read More

June 01st, 2nd, 3rd. So as I said in the previous entry, Claire had one tiny taste of an oyster last night. I really thought her iodine allergy would be okay… Pretty much as soon as her head hit the pillow, she got up and left her dinner on the grass outside the tent., Read More

Another injection today, the first of three injections for rabies.  Next week, the second one, along with a second injection for hepatitis (I think) then a third for rabies in 28 days, plus a bloodtest in Darwin in three months. I can’t feel my arm, and I have a headache.  This is fun…

So, today I went to the doctor, well the “Travel Doctor” as the facility is called.  A quick but detailed interview with a doctor and we went through a list of all required vaccines… Turns out I need about all of them 🙂 Left arm : four injections, right arm : two more.  Tomorrow,, Read More

Bon, deux ans dans un 4×4, traverser des deserts a 50degres, des steppes a -50degres, des montages, traverser des rivieres, des marecages… tout ca, ca va pas se faire dans l’etat actuel. Resolution prise, j’ai deux ans pour atteindre 80kg, j’en fais 70. Ouimaiouimaioui pas dix kilos de bide hein, dix kilos de muscles., Read More

Bon, un peu d’historique a mon sujet. Juin 1996, depart de Jeff pour le Canada, depart de Louise pour le Danemark, anniversaire de Melita. Tous ca sont des excuses pour se peter le maillet. On fait le plein au bottle-shop et on investit (envahit ) le jardin des Mansfield a Hobart. Ca picole autour, Read More

Sais pas ce que c’est mais ca fait bien mal. Vla 5 jours que mon epaule gauche bouge plus des masses, le cou pareil bref en gros ca balance serieux. Bon le cheval dimanche a sans doute rien arrange mais la ce matin c’etait costaud, difficile de conduire mais heureusement c’est une automatique donc, Read More