Aug 30th – Sept 03rd We said goodbye to Wendy, for good this time, well, never say never… She’s off to Brazil for a few months anyways. And we made our way North East towards the Taman Negara National Park. It’s a bit of a nonsense to be called that, since Taman Negara means, Read More

There are many border crossing points, we chose Tak Bai just north of Kota Barhu on the East coast. (see this). Step one as always is immigration then step two is customs. Stam stamp stamp done. Easy as. There is a barge that will get you across the river which makes the experience a, Read More

There are NO ferries leaving from Dumai or anywhere else on Sumatra, the only place is Belawan (Medan). Find a shipping agent isn’t easy, we went with “F1-Jackway – Simply Logistics” ( see post on the HUBB. Customs on Indonesian side are very easy with the help of Zack (owner of F1-Jackway). Insist on, Read More

August 23rd – 29th First stop, the Thai embassy, to get my visa organized for next month, then Carrefour (yes, here as well, the French supermarket is everywhere) to fill up the fridge. Wendy collects Coca-Cola cans and Absoluut Vodka bottles. So we bought her one as a thank you gift. The clerk scanned, Read More

August 15th – 29th After the cars were loaded in the container in Medan, we spent our last night in the lovely company of Tonny and his family. I only packed for five days, hopefully by the start of next week, I’ll be on the road… So the flight from Medan to Kuala Lumpur, Read More

Here’s a link to the HUBB with the good news. So tomorrow we bring the cars to the shipping yard, have the custom inspection and hope to fly off on Wednesday or on Thursday at the latest. The container will hold both cars, then be sealed and loaded onto the ship (so this time,, Read More

Easiest procedure ever.  Go to Jakarta, at the Malaysia Embassy, ask for a visa, wait a day. Done.

Bon, je sais, Singapore n’est pas techniquement en Malaysie mais independant, mais bon, je le fous dans le meme post, na … lgium#2648 Pour traverser jusque la Thailande, faudra passer quand meme e =n Malaysie donc … lgium#4336