There are many crossing points into Thailand for foreigners, the easiest being from Vientiane across the Friendship Bridge but I chose to go 150km south of Luang Nam Ta, at the border town of Huay Xai (into Chiang Khong). The Mekhong river is the actual border between the two countries, so you need to, Read More

November 9th – 24th As the road crept its way North towards Vientiane, it did not improve one bit. Pothole after pothole, Troopy crawled to a slow 50kmh for miles and miles. You’d think it would get better as you get closer to the capital, but no, it was bad all the way. After, Read More

October 28th – November 8th After crossing the Lao border and cursing the Custom Officers for their bribing, we made our way to the “400 islands”. They may not be exactly 400 islands, or at least not all of them are populated, but they’re all on the Mekong River. Ferries take you across to, Read More

Well this time, there is no choice. The border between Cambodia and Laos has only recently opened to foreigners/overlanders, and there is just one border town : Stung Treng, right on the Mekhong. They are currently building brand spanking new facilities, but for the moment the paperwork gets done in little shacks (on the, Read More … ,25.136719

La Plaine des Jarres ( est un mystere archeologique. On peut tracer une ligne du Vietnam a l’Inde et trouver ces jarres, qui datent de 500 avant JC… A peu pres 10 tonnes par jarre Et vu que le site a ete bombardé quasi non stop par les US pendant la guerre du Viet, Read More

Ambassade du Laos, un type ne parlant ni le Francais, ni l’Anglais me repond qu’il ne comprend rien a ce que je lui demande… Faudra y retourner un matin. Do you know if I need a permit for the car ? I don’t know. Do you know someone who does ? Who can I, Read More