There are many crossing points into Thailand for foreigners, the easiest being from Vientiane across the Friendship Bridge but I chose to go 150km south of Luang Nam Ta, at the border town of Huay Xai (into Chiang Khong). The Mekhong river is the actual border between the two countries, so you need to, Read More

Well this time, there is no choice. The border between Cambodia and Laos has only recently opened to foreigners/overlanders, and there is just one border town : Stung Treng, right on the Mekhong. They are currently building brand spanking new facilities, but for the moment the paperwork gets done in little shacks (on the, Read More

There are over a hundred border towns between the two countries, but while the majority is for locals, only a dozen will allow us overlanders to cross. We chose Chong Jom (TH) – O Smach (C), 80km south of Surin. The town itself has nothing to offer beside two casinos but there is an, Read More

There are many border crossing points, we chose Tak Bai just north of Kota Barhu on the East coast. (see this). Step one as always is immigration then step two is customs. Stam stamp stamp done. Easy as. There is a barge that will get you across the river which makes the experience a, Read More

There are NO ferries leaving from Dumai or anywhere else on Sumatra, the only place is Belawan (Medan). Find a shipping agent isn’t easy, we went with “F1-Jackway – Simply Logistics” ( see post on the HUBB. Customs on Indonesian side are very easy with the help of Zack (owner of F1-Jackway). Insist on, Read More

Very easy and straightforward. Very friendly staff. We crossed over at Mota’ain on the northern side of Timor. No forms or paperwork is in English, so find a guard who speaks a little English if you don’t speak Indonesian. Three steps : immigration (visa stamped), customs (car inspection) and army (not sure why but, Read More

Just a quick note, to remind myself, or potential readers, about the crossing over to Timor Leste from Darwin. – Make sure everything is packed in closed and locked compartments if you are not shipping with a container. The shipping crew WILL go through your car and take whatever they feel like. Of value,, Read More

Here’s a link to the HUBB with the good news. So tomorrow we bring the cars to the shipping yard, have the custom inspection and hope to fly off on Wednesday or on Thursday at the latest. The container will hold both cars, then be sealed and loaded onto the ship (so this time,, Read More

Well, we’re done with Australia, hopefully. Both Troopy and Tanami are in Darwin, while we’re in Dili, in Timor Leste. Tomorrow, my friend Thor will drop the car at Toll’s, get the Carnet signed, and mail it to us in Dili with DHL. The reason behind all this ? Well, administrations f**ed up, as, Read More

June 15th. I promised myself I’d write one last post, reflecting the past five months in Australia, but there’s so much to take in here that I’ll delay that last post. We flew in from Darwin this morning at 6:30AM and our small jet landed about 90min later in Dili International Airport. From the, Read More