September 10th – 14th We got to Bangkok on the evening of the 9th, and CouchSurfed overnight in a suburb of town. Driving into the city is not as easy as you might think, even with a GPS. Not only the map is not always accurate, but all the signs are in Thai of, Read More

Aug 30th – Sept 03rd We said goodbye to Wendy, for good this time, well, never say never… She’s off to Brazil for a few months anyways. And we made our way North East towards the Taman Negara National Park. It’s a bit of a nonsense to be called that, since Taman Negara means, Read More

August 15th – 29th After the cars were loaded in the container in Medan, we spent our last night in the lovely company of Tonny and his family. I only packed for five days, hopefully by the start of next week, I’ll be on the road… So the flight from Medan to Kuala Lumpur, Read More

July 23rd – August 03rd The ferry gets across the narrow straight between Lombok and Bali in a couple of hours. It’s already dark when I get on the highway to Mas, where Melanie lives. I never met Melanie but it’s like we’ve known each other since 1995. She is Luke’s sister, my best, Read More

July 06th-12th This hotel should learn guests stay in to sleep, not because it’s great. They should therefore learn to switch off the lights in the patio, and put light-blocking blinds on the windows. It was so bright and noisy, we hardly slept. Last night we had only cold water, this morning, we have, Read More

While Claire was finishing the last details for her flights back to Noumea, I went to Toll to fill up the forms about the insurance claim. It’s quite straightforward in terms of process, as James explained, but it will be denied at first, and I must appeal afterwards. There is however, one chance in, Read More

Well the Melbourne CS community is pretty active. After Jon and Es on the houseboat at Lake Eildon, I went for three days at Shani’s. Her family was cool enough to put up with me for another days. Pretty laid back, nice homy atmosphere. Shani and her mate are about to go to Europe, Read More

Couchsurfing in Melbourne, and surroundings. So far it’s been awesome. Went to a houseboat for two days, now with a family for another three, then who knows…

Bushwalking around Poya, I spent three days in company of a lovely red head… Our Melanesian guide asked “does your friend ever shut up?” 🙂

Au Nord, c’etait les coroooooons Ah non c’est pas ca. Decision prise autour d’une biere Dimanche 02, au Bout du Monde oeuf corse, je repartirai rejoindre Jean-Jacques et ses deux CouchSurfeuses trois jours plus tard. Jeudi donc, je boucle ma réunion à la Chambre, et a midi, me voila sur la route vers le, Read More