I didn’t know it was something Claire had wanted for so long, nor did I know she had in fact been looking for one, so when she spoke to me about a property down South, in one of tiniest villages in WA, I wasn’t very keen on the project. I thought it would be, Read More

August 18/19, 2017.  Day 0.  Perth to Rockhampton.  We leave home under torrential rain, it’s cold, wet, windy, miserable, and it’s 10PM.  We’re tired, and all three of us are sick.  This is not going to be a pleasant flight. At least we got to sleep a bit, the plane is only half full,, Read More

Meet the new boss, Same as the old boss. Well not quite.  This one has a V8, a turbo, a front AND rear diff lock, electric windows, and… a back seat !  It did not take long, I admit, to replace our old faithful Troopy.  She served me well, over 250.000km since October 2008., Read More

It’s cliche, but it’s true.  Home is where the heart is.  Ours is on Towton Street, in Redcliffe.  It was a bit of a race but it was well worth it.  October 8th, 2016, we got our residency status upgraded to “permanent”.  It’s a huge deal for all migrants to Australia, and it’s pretty, Read More

It’s finally over.  We’re tired, nay, we’re exhausted.  We’re better by the day but there’s so many hours to catch on, it will take a while.  I think we need a holiday.  It all started in 2016.  Back when Brieuc was still warm inside the womb.

It’s 12:30AM, I’m fast asleep.  I hear something move, the bed is empty.  There is light coming from the bathroom, I’m still half asleep.  Then she comes back to the bedroom.  “I think my water broke” she says.  Holy cow. It’s happening. I’m wide awake now. For the past few months, we had been, Read More

I can’t remember how long I’ve been waiting for this but, let’s just say it’s been long overdue ! Last Monday, my boss got his notification that he was approved as sponsor for the “Employer Nomination Scheme”, the 186 Visa.  So naturally we both assumed it would be only hours before I got the good, Read More

That’s pretty much how I remembered how I reacted.  Claire came out of the bathroom with the “dipstick” in her hands and showed it to me.  Two plus signs.  Oh ! And then a smile.  I think I smiled all day (some say this is pretty rare…). We’d been waiting for those plus signs, Read More

I left Belgium in February 2008. Eight years ago. Since then I lived in Queensland, Victoria, New Caledonia and Western Australia. Since then, much has changed back home too. And I have a new life, we have a new life. At last then, visit from the family ! The last one was in Melbourne,, Read More