It’s cliche, but it’s true.  Home is where the heart is.  Ours is on Towton Street, in Redcliffe.  It was a bit of a race but it was well worth it.  October 8th, 2016, we got our residency status upgraded to “permanent”.  It’s a huge deal for all migrants to Australia, and it’s pretty, Read More

It’s 12:30AM, I’m fast asleep.  I hear something move, the bed is empty.  There is light coming from the bathroom, I’m still half asleep.  Then she comes back to the bedroom.  “I think my water broke” she says.  Holy cow. It’s happening. I’m wide awake now. For the past few months, we had been, Read More

That’s pretty much how I remembered how I reacted.  Claire came out of the bathroom with the “dipstick” in her hands and showed it to me.  Two plus signs.  Oh ! And then a smile.  I think I smiled all day (some say this is pretty rare…). We’d been waiting for those plus signs, Read More

I left Belgium in February 2008. Eight years ago. Since then I lived in Queensland, Victoria, New Caledonia and Western Australia. Since then, much has changed back home too. And I have a new life, we have a new life. At last then, visit from the family ! The last one was in Melbourne,, Read More

Two weeks in Northern France… Romont, Epinal & Golbey (Vosges), Pers en Gatinais (Loiret)

Two weeks with the family around Belgium. April 17 – May 11, 2014

Christmas with the family.

Bon ben c’est pas tout ca mais on est quand meme la pour trouver du taf. Chacun sa methode mais la notre comprend les pages jaunes, internet, google-is-your-friend, etc. Soit on tombe sur une annonce qui nous correspond dans les journeaux, soit c’est une candidature spontanee. Dans les deux cas, on leur laisse 48h, Read More

Un vol cool pour une fois, on devait etre 25 a tout casser dans l’avion, equipage compris… On se demande pquoi pas affreter des avions plus petits mais bon. Trente minutes de retard malgre tout, zonage a Zaventem ou j’assiste au ballet des bagagistes maladroits et peu delicats, grr, j’espere que mon pot de, Read More

My role model, my mentor. Always. Photos by Olivier van Naemen