Just a quick note, to remind myself, or potential readers, about the crossing over to Timor Leste from Darwin. – Make sure everything is packed in closed and locked compartments if you are not shipping with a container. The shipping crew WILL go through your car and take whatever they feel like. Of value,, Read More

June 01st, 2nd, 3rd. So as I said in the previous entry, Claire had one tiny taste of an oyster last night. I really thought her iodine allergy would be okay… Pretty much as soon as her head hit the pillow, she got up and left her dinner on the grass outside the tent., Read More

May 22nd. To visit Kakadu properly, you really need to take your time. The pass is valid for 14 days, and there are more things to do here than you can think of. The park is about the size of Belgium, and runs from East of Darwin to Arnhem Land. It is unique in, Read More

May 16th. I don’t know whether something I ate does not agree with me, sulphites maybe, or my neck was crooked when we watched another episode of Underbelly on the laptop, but this morning I have a massive migraine. I haven’t had one for months, but this one comes back nasty. I’m close to, Read More

May 12th. Bad night, but we must get up early as Claire has an appointment in town. After which we fill up the fridge, and make our way to the East Macdonnell Ranges, the other side of this massive range. First two stops aren’t worth much, Emily and Jessie Gap, still it’s a different, Read More

May 09th – 10th – 11th Time for another big clean-up: laundry, car interior, hot shower, etc. We then drive around town to find a garage for Troopy’s big service (and replace the fusible link, though my MacGyver trick has so far been reliable), get to the tourist information centre and later find out, Read More

May 04th. The usual drill is: wake up with the sun, enjoy a couple of hours in bed (it’s freezing outside, might as well stay in bed), have breakfast, do last night’s dishes, pack up everything, take a shower and go. Well, not this morning it’s not. Key in the ignition, nothing happens. I, Read More

April 30th We pack up quickly and drive back to Yulara to take part in a bush tucker tour. Bush tucker means all the bush provides as food. The Anangu guide shows us the various seeds that were gathered to make flour for damper, the couple of fruits such as bush tomatoes, bush apple, Read More

April 27th – 28th – 29th It’s been a cold night, we’re as far south as I’ll ever be for another two years, and the temperature at night drops to a cold 5 degrees Celsius, at best. We spend our first morning in the resort, after a late breakfast, a long shower, laundry, etc, Read More

April 24th Cold cold night, and around 5AM I think I heard camels around the tent. I love the outback, nothing but the sound of wildlife and the empty spaces around you. From the Gary Junction Road we enter the Sandy Blight Junction Road, which starts from Walungurru (aka Kintore) to Kaltukatjara (aka Docker, Read More