The contrast between Laos and Thailand is pretty obvious, aside the fact they drive on the left side of the road, and I can finally overtake without taking any risks. The most obvious is the state of the roads, we’ll be able to reach Chiang Rai in no time. We sorted out the usual, Read More

There are many crossing points into Thailand for foreigners, the easiest being from Vientiane across the Friendship Bridge but I chose to go 150km south of Luang Nam Ta, at the border town of Huay Xai (into Chiang Khong). The Mekhong river is the actual border between the two countries, so you need to, Read More

There are over a hundred border towns between the two countries, but while the majority is for locals, only a dozen will allow us overlanders to cross. We chose Chong Jom (TH) – O Smach (C), 80km south of Surin. The town itself has nothing to offer beside two casinos but there is an, Read More

September 14th – 30th We still had things to see in Bangkok, Julie and I, with or without Claire. Most important was the “Grand Palace” which is right in the center of town. Right we thought, get on the subway, get off, turn right and walk straight for six blocks. Only, we talked and, Read More

September 10th – 14th We got to Bangkok on the evening of the 9th, and CouchSurfed overnight in a suburb of town. Driving into the city is not as easy as you might think, even with a GPS. Not only the map is not always accurate, but all the signs are in Thai of, Read More

Sept 03rd- 09th. There are over seven points to cross the border, but we chose the smallest village, and the closest to Kota Barhu, let’s be honest. The barge took us across the river to the tiny town of Tak Bai to get our immigration and custom paperwork done, and we were finally in, Read More

There are many border crossing points, we chose Tak Bai just north of Kota Barhu on the East coast. (see this). Step one as always is immigration then step two is customs. Stam stamp stamp done. Easy as. There is a barge that will get you across the river which makes the experience a, Read More

Now that’s kindof a set back, I did not expect the guy at the Thai Consulate to tell me I could not bring my car to Thailand.  That sorta compromises the whole damn trip.  So I need to call Canberra to confirm, because I’m pretty sure I asked the Thai Embassy in Brussels a, Read More Y aura deux entrees en Thailande, une au tout debut, et une un gros mois plus tard, juste avant la Birmanie ou le Belgladesh si je passe pas par Myanmar…

Evidemment, en preparant un trip pareil, difficile de se limiter au plan initial, donc “oh ben tant qu’a faire je passerais bien par la” et “ah c pas loin si j’allais la aussi” Bref, ca sera Thailande jusque Bengladesh par bateau et au lieu de piquer sur le Taj Mahal directement, ben zou allons, Read More