August 18/19, 2017.  Day 0.  Perth to Rockhampton.  We leave home under torrential rain, it’s cold, wet, windy, miserable, and it’s 10PM.  We’re tired, and all three of us are sick.  This is not going to be a pleasant flight. At least we got to sleep a bit, the plane is only half full,, Read More

April 24th Cold cold night, and around 5AM I think I heard camels around the tent. I love the outback, nothing but the sound of wildlife and the empty spaces around you. From the Gary Junction Road we enter the Sandy Blight Junction Road, which starts from Walungurru (aka Kintore) to Kaltukatjara (aka Docker, Read More

Day Six : 400k on the Flinders Highway. I didn’t sleep much until way past midnight as the bogans next door kept playing Midnight Oil and ACDC all night. To think that usually bogans have the Southern Cross star tattoed and make the typical anti-abo, then listen to Peter Garrett’s “Truganini” makes it all, Read More

Day Five : no more green, this is now dry yellow and red dust on the way to the Eyre Peninsula. It’s only a short drive as I desperately want to swim in the ocean, I stop here and there in the very few towns I drive through, one is advertising a “monster ute”, Read More

Day Four : I get out of this crappy campsite as soon as possible and head to the first Mc Donnalds the GPS can find. Not for brekky but for the free WiFi, as I absolutely have to fix the mess with For two days I’ve had no mail and the website is, Read More

Day Three : I slept in. It’s 9:30 when I get up, well on SA time it’s only 9AM. I must hide the veggies and fruit in the “secret compartment” or the damn cops will have me throw them away. Ten years ago with Manu we had to get rid of five kilos of, Read More

Lever la tete dans le cul, c’est la pleine lune donc je dors mal, donc le reveil a 6h30 n’est pas un joyeux reveil. Tacard pour l’aeroport, j’ai toujours la tete dans le cul et j’ai pas envie de causer au chauffeur, pis ca drache y a un orage ca pete dans tous les, Read More

Ca fait des annees que ce ptit bout de desert me fait de l’oeil. Pour aller a Uluru on peut passer par la Sturt Highway, long ruban de bitume interminable, jolis paysages et toussa. Pis y a l’ancienne route, avant l’invention du macadam, en plein milieu de nulle part… Celle la je veux me, Read More

Dimanche, lever tot, tout tourne chez le client j’ai donc conge Direction Adelaide Hills vers Hahndorf, petit village fonde par des Allemands au 19eme, tout est en bois, on se croirait presque en Baviere mais pas tout a fait. Un chtit cafe et zou c reparti. Je continue ma route vers Kanmantoo en passant, Read More

Taxi a 6h45, conduit par un Patrick de 69 ans, british de naissance, a fait le tour du monde dans la Navy anglaise, surout sur sous-marins. Pas mal de chouettes histoires sur la route vers l’aeroport, on avait une bonne heure trente a tuer. La plus rigolote est sans doute celle ou il se, Read More