Very easy and straightforward. Very friendly staff. We crossed over at Mota’ain on the northern side of Timor. No forms or paperwork is in English, so find a guard who speaks a little English if you don’t speak Indonesian. Three steps : immigration (visa stamped), customs (car inspection) and army (not sure why but, Read More

Just a quick note, to remind myself, or potential readers, about the crossing over to Timor Leste from Darwin. – Make sure everything is packed in closed and locked compartments if you are not shipping with a container. The shipping crew WILL go through your car and take whatever they feel like. Of value,, Read More

June 26th – 29th So we got a text message from James on the Friday while we were on Atauro Island: Brice, your carnet has arrived! YAY!!! Another text message on the Monday morning: Brice, ETA for vessel is tonight, come and pick up carnet when you want. Off I went to Toll, picked, Read More

The island of Atauro lies some 30km north of Dili, on a good day you can actually see it from the city. There are a few ways to get there, some cost five dollars (the ferry, only on Saturday and tickets are sold out in half an hour) some cost 45 dollars (water taxis,, Read More

Tonight we’ll be spending our last night in TL, we should cross the Indonesian border tomorrow lunchtime. It’s sad we have to leave on such short notice but Claire has some commitments in New Caledonia she can’t miss, namely, her mum 🙂 So she’ll fly off from Kupang on the 9th, giving us one, Read More

June 15th-19th So we arrived at the backpackers around 9AM. There’s limited choice when it comes to lodging in Dili. There’s a couple of hotels, ranging from 100AUD to 500AUD per night, or the backpackers, the only one in fact, for 25 dollars a night (this includes air-conditioning and a fan, with shared bathroom)., Read More

June 15th. I promised myself I’d write one last post, reflecting the past five months in Australia, but there’s so much to take in here that I’ll delay that last post. We flew in from Darwin this morning at 6:30AM and our small jet landed about 90min later in Dili International Airport. From the, Read More

Je zappe l’ET, trop chaud politiquement, trop la merde a traverser en bagnole, je passerai uniquement par Dilli avec le cargo, ptet un tampon sur le passeport quand meme