I left Belgium in February 2008. Eight years ago. Since then I lived in Queensland, Victoria, New Caledonia and Western Australia. Since then, much has changed back home too. And I have a new life, we have a new life. At last then, visit from the family ! The last one was in Melbourne,, Read More

It started with Claire being really tired, so I loaded up Troopy with all the camping gear, a full fridge, and instructions for her to leave on Thursday morning, direction: out of the city. Basically, go to Nanga Mill, in the Lane Poole Reserve, where we always go. Spend a few days in the, Read More

Albany, Claire’s birthday @ home, 4wding @ Mundaring.

It’s almost 9 AM and it’s already hot.  And I mean, real freaking hot.  It’s 34 degrees outside, at nine in the morning.  Crazy.  Last night I went to bed at around 10, and it was still 36.  We hit 47 at one point according to my phone (well it isn’t a real thermometer, Read More

My very special birthday. Skydive @ Jurien Bay. And by order of appearance: Carlisle, Guiderton, Carlisle, Dwellingup, Carlisle.

The past week certainly tested my patience. You’d expect when you’re wiring money from one account to another, even from overseas, that it shouldn’t take more than 48h. Realistically, it’s kinda like copying a file onto a USB stick, right ? Wrong. Banks will debit your first account on the day you initiate the, Read More

It’s not that Claire’s Hyundai Excel is bad or anything. But, a) it’s hers, b) she needs it to go to work (waitress at the moment, but sooner or later, geologist) and c) it’s not very reliable as it overheats in traffic and if we can avoid a blown head gasket, that kinda works, Read More

It’s a bit overdue, I know, well it’s only been a year but here’s a list of the mods since I bought the car. September 2008 I bought this : Toyota Landcruiser HZJ75 “Troop carrier”. 1998 model, straight 6cyl, 4.2L. 299.338km. I bought it from CFA (Country Fire Authority, the fire department in Victoria),, Read More

October 08th – 17th Early in the afternoon, after a first failed attempt to cross the Cardamoms, we got to Pursat. It has in fact no real appeal, this town. None at all. But we did get the chance to visit a women handicraft center, where we bought some artefacts. It’s amazing to see, Read More

May 22nd. To visit Kakadu properly, you really need to take your time. The pass is valid for 14 days, and there are more things to do here than you can think of. The park is about the size of Belgium, and runs from East of Darwin to Arnhem Land. It is unique in, Read More