I didn’t know it was something Claire had wanted for so long, nor did I know she had in fact been looking for one, so when she spoke to me about a property down South, in one of tiniest villages in WA, I wasn’t very keen on the project. I thought it would be, Read More

Seven o’clock. The sun is already up, and so is Brieuc. He’s his jolly usual self. Late mornings are not for him, or for us for that matter. We haven’t had a sleep-in for months, and I guess we’re not going to have one today either. Claire is up, her belly is huge, as, Read More

August 18/19, 2017.  Day 0.  Perth to Rockhampton.  We leave home under torrential rain, it’s cold, wet, windy, miserable, and it’s 10PM.  We’re tired, and all three of us are sick.  This is not going to be a pleasant flight. At least we got to sleep a bit, the plane is only half full,, Read More

How hard can it be ? The lads from Top Gear usually say that when they’re going to botch something up, in my case, I guess it applies as well. So on May 20th 2013, I was back in Perth while Troopy was still in Bangkok, having a bath. The mob in Thailand had, Read More

May 11th – 18th It took well over three months to plan this. Between the contradictive information about whether or not Troopy was allowed to remain on foreign soil for so long, between getting the right price for the right job, I finally booked the tickets to get her home. I barely slept on, Read More

It’s a bit overdue, I know, well it’s only been a year but here’s a list of the mods since I bought the car. September 2008 I bought this : Toyota Landcruiser HZJ75 “Troop carrier”. 1998 model, straight 6cyl, 4.2L. 299.338km. I bought it from CFA (Country Fire Authority, the fire department in Victoria),, Read More

The contrast between Laos and Thailand is pretty obvious, aside the fact they drive on the left side of the road, and I can finally overtake without taking any risks. The most obvious is the state of the roads, we’ll be able to reach Chiang Rai in no time. We sorted out the usual, Read More

There are many crossing points into Thailand for foreigners, the easiest being from Vientiane across the Friendship Bridge but I chose to go 150km south of Luang Nam Ta, at the border town of Huay Xai (into Chiang Khong). The Mekhong river is the actual border between the two countries, so you need to, Read More

November 9th – 24th As the road crept its way North towards Vientiane, it did not improve one bit. Pothole after pothole, Troopy crawled to a slow 50kmh for miles and miles. You’d think it would get better as you get closer to the capital, but no, it was bad all the way. After, Read More

October 28th – November 8th After crossing the Lao border and cursing the Custom Officers for their bribing, we made our way to the “400 islands”. They may not be exactly 400 islands, or at least not all of them are populated, but they’re all on the Mekong River. Ferries take you across to, Read More