It took a lot longer than expected, and a lot more money than planned, but finally, Troopy is parked outside, home and hosed. So what happened ? Well, the guys in Thailand had one job : clean the car for quarantine inspection. Well they botched it. As a result, the first inspection was a, Read More

How hard can it be ? The lads from Top Gear usually say that when they’re going to botch something up, in my case, I guess it applies as well. So on May 20th 2013, I was back in Perth while Troopy was still in Bangkok, having a bath. The mob in Thailand had, Read More

May 11th – 18th It took well over three months to plan this. Between the contradictive information about whether or not Troopy was allowed to remain on foreign soil for so long, between getting the right price for the right job, I finally booked the tickets to get her home. I barely slept on, Read More

It’s a bit overdue, I know, well it’s only been a year but here’s a list of the mods since I bought the car. September 2008 I bought this : Toyota Landcruiser HZJ75 “Troop carrier”. 1998 model, straight 6cyl, 4.2L. 299.338km. I bought it from CFA (Country Fire Authority, the fire department in Victoria),, Read More

Last February, I called the RACV (Royal Automobile Club of Victoria) in Melbourne to organize the Carnet de Passage. The person I spoke with told me he couldn’t do anything from Melbourne, and I had in fact to contact the AAA (Automobile Association of Australia). Since I had to go to Canberra to sort, Read More

Wednesday, March 07th 2012, this is it. This is now. The Long Way Home starts now. One last stop at SCS to fix the aircon belt and off I go. The start of, perhaps two years of, driving, discovering, learning. This is happening now. First few kilometers to Geelong and there she is :, Read More

All but one paperwork is done, all for NSW and ACT anyways. I have all the info I need on each visa, my vaccines are all done, I only need booster shots in Darwin, the car is ready, except for the tyres, so… all trip planning is done really. I’m hanging about in Sydney, Read More

From April to December 2011, Troopy got its back seat removed, its front seats replaced, overhead console, central console in the cabin, and in the back, a dual drawer system plus overhead storage. It also got a new suspension kit, a lift kit, a new bull-bar with a winch, a diff-lock system (rear only),, Read More

Je ferai une part de bitume mais une part de sable aussi, histoire d’aller m’enfoncer bien loin chez les Abos (ceux qui ont lu dans cette phrase autre chose sont ignobles ) Donc, depuis la “Great Northern Highway”, a peu pres entre rien et que dalle, tourner a droite sur la “Tanami Road” (, Read More

Attention, si tu veux entrer à Bruxelles et que tu ne parles pas Flamand, tu dois contourner la Flandre et prendre le tunnel depuis Waterloo