I can’t remember how long I’ve been waiting for this but, let’s just say it’s been long overdue ! Last Monday, my boss got his notification that he was approved as sponsor for the “Employer Nomination Scheme”, the 186 Visa.  So naturally we both assumed it would be only hours before I got the good, Read More

Well it’s also time, energy, patience, … We got our 457 Visa back in 2013, through an immigration agent my employer recommended, so we thought it would be a great idea to use the same agent for this one, the 186 Visa which automatically grants the long awaited P.R. (for permanent residency.)  Without it, we, Read More

This is going to be tricky… A visa to Pakistan is only granted from an Embassy in certain countries. Australia or Belgium are of those. The problem is that the thirty days visa is only valid for six months, and can be requested three months before only. Three months before entering Pakistan I will, Read More

These guys are very friendly but the process is just from a past century. I need to write to the High Commissioner for permission to enter Bangladesh with my own vehicle, describe both the vehicle and the itinerary, with the purpose of the trip. Then he forwards that to his Minister of Foreign Affairs,, Read More

The visa for Russia is going to be a challenge I reckon. I need a Business visa, multiple entry, with 12month validity. That’s the only way I can enter three times the country (From the Kazak border, from the Mongol border and later again from the Estonian border). First I need a “LOI” (Letter, Read More

India does not allow more than two entries within sixty days, and you need to wait for ninety days to get a third visa.  So fairly straight forward, get the visa in Bangkok, it takes about two weeks.  Once in Nepal, I can apply in Kathmandu for an extension and go back into India, Read More

Easiest procedure ever.  Go to Jakarta, at the Malaysia Embassy, ask for a visa, wait a day. Done.

Now that’s kindof a set back, I did not expect the guy at the Thai Consulate to tell me I could not bring my car to Thailand.  That sorta compromises the whole damn trip.  So I need to call Canberra to confirm, because I’m pretty sure I asked the Thai Embassy in Brussels a, Read More

The woman at the Consulate General was very kind, and very interested in the trip.  I can enter the country by land through ten checkpoints, I’ll be entering through Kakarvitta, on the eastern border. Pretty simple as well, I can apply for the visa while in Bangladesh or in Bhutan, get a 30 days, Read More

There is a Consulate of Indonesia in Melbourne, while the Embassy is in Canberra.  The visa takes approximately two weeks to process, they have to send a copy of my passport to their Embassy in Belgium to check whether I’m a criminal and what not.  The thing is it will be valid for three, Read More