There are NO ferries leaving from Dumai or anywhere else on Sumatra, the only place is Belawan (Medan). Find a shipping agent isn’t easy, we went with “F1-Jackway – Simply Logistics” ( see post on the HUBB. Customs on Indonesian side are very easy with the help of Zack (owner of F1-Jackway). Insist on, Read More

Very easy and straightforward. Very friendly staff. We crossed over at Mota’ain on the northern side of Timor. No forms or paperwork is in English, so find a guard who speaks a little English if you don’t speak Indonesian. Three steps : immigration (visa stamped), customs (car inspection) and army (not sure why but, Read More

Well, it’s been a cultural shock that’s for sure. July 1St we were invited to spend three days with a great family in Timur, six weeks later I am sitting on the couch of another great family, in Medan, Sumatra. Very hard to tell you in a few words how this experience has been., Read More

Here’s a link to the HUBB with the good news. So tomorrow we bring the cars to the shipping yard, have the custom inspection and hope to fly off on Wednesday or on Thursday at the latest. The container will hold both cars, then be sealed and loaded onto the ship (so this time,, Read More

August 3rd – 11th As soon as I disembarked from the ferry on Sumatra, I entered the coordinates to the closest national park in the GPS and headed East for the “Taman Nasional Way Kambas” in the hope of seeing some of the last remaining Sumatran elephants and the very few last Sumateran rhinos, Read More

July 23rd – August 03rd The ferry gets across the narrow straight between Lombok and Bali in a couple of hours. It’s already dark when I get on the highway to Mas, where Melanie lives. I never met Melanie but it’s like we’ve known each other since 1995. She is Luke’s sister, my best, Read More

July 18th – 22nd As I was waiting for the sun to go down last night, I was watching an episode of “The Sopranos” on my laptop, with the window down. So within minutes, a couple of truckies stood next to the car, and watched the movie with me. But as the plot thickened,, Read More

July 15th – 17th. The Gardena Hotel had only one room available, and as it’s the cheapest hotel I could find with a room, I took it. One bungalow, one bed, a simple shower and no windows. There is a fan though, which is the only solution for mosquitoes really. Anyways, this gives me, Read More

July 13th – 15th I spent the night on the docks, with a dozen trucks and another dozen cars. When I woke up, around 6AM, there was already over a hundred scooters queuing up for their tickets. Later I learnt they were waiting for the morning boat, to Rote, the island just next door., Read More

July 06th-12th This hotel should learn guests stay in to sleep, not because it’s great. They should therefore learn to switch off the lights in the patio, and put light-blocking blinds on the windows. It was so bright and noisy, we hardly slept. Last night we had only cold water, this morning, we have, Read More