Border Crossing: Laos to Thailand

There are many crossing points into Thailand for foreigners, the easiest being from Vientiane across the Friendship Bridge but I chose to go 150km south of Luang Nam Ta, at the border town of Huay Xai (into Chiang Khong).

The Mekhong river is the actual border between the two countries, so you need to hop on the barge to get across. There’s a fee of course, but it varies on the officer’s good mood. He didn’t have change so we paid 20.000 kip instead of 25.000. That’s for Customs.

Then there is the barge itself, about 30USD but you can pay in Lao Kip or in Thai Baht. And then the visa, for which there is a dollar fine if you cross on a Saturday or Sunday, or after 5PM…

As soon as you’re on-board, in between two or three trucks, you’re off, they don’t wait for late passengers who went for a toilet run.

PS : don’t forget, Thailand’s a right-hand drive country, so, bear left 

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